Miscellaneous Problems, HWK 13

IST 230

Frank Ritter

3 points total, 15 subpoints total

20/XI/00, revised 26 November 2000

1. (3 points) Further to Pascal's triangle

(a) draw a tree for the unfair coin of the exam, using the strict interpretation, if the coin is heads, then it comes up tails the next time (without the converse being true).

(b) draw Pascal's triangle corresponding to that tree

(c) recall Pascal's triangle from p.309#16 last hwk, Pascal's original triangle, and this new triangle. Point out some conclusions about the triangle and probability, comparing these triangles.

2. (4 points) Diagram using a Petri net the path of homework in this course. Note your assumptions. Use the diagram to draw some conclusions or insight.

3. (4 points) Example final question

4. (4 points) Last week you found another group, picked a problem, found an algorithm to solve that problem, and described it fully, and computed its complexity. Now compare and contrast your algorithm's performance with the other algorithm.