IST 230 Web problem as part of HWK10

Frank Ritter

27 Oct 2000

(3 subpoints/15)

(a) What is the most important problem to study for the midterm?

(b) Why?

(c) What is its answer?


Rubric: One problem per group (this will give us about 50 across two sections). Problem as a web page, with answer as a separate web page, or problem and answer as one page. Problem can be chosen from the book, but students must contribute something beyond the book, a twist, an angle, a generality, an application, a small addition, or something else. To be discussed in class as a review, and for studying for the midterm and final. Selected problems or variants may be included on the exams.

A hardcopy of the web pages must be handed in stapled with Hwk10. The URL must be included on the hardcopy. You should forward the URL to the listserve.

It can be handed in as hardcopy through 5pm 31 October, and can be remarked while-you-wait ONCE to get feedback in order to revise it for a higher mark.