Current Affairs Assignment for IST 230 (Sections 1 & 2)

Frank E. Ritter

23 dec 00

Once during the semester your group may find an article or resource from a current magazine, newspaper, periodical or other media or create your own resourse that addresses issues of information and information technology with respect to IST 230 course material. The first several weeks will be done by volunteers. The remainder will be by random assignment.

In one page or less, you will comment on how that resource relates to the current class discussion or topic. You will share both the resource and your comments with the class. The purposes of this assignment are:

The article must:

The resource that you create may be a program or text or web page. See me for details and/or ask in class. You can choose do a resource with your partner if you wish. The standard will be higher but you may have more fun.

Ideas for topics (unless already reported on)

the solutions manual

other textbooks

programs that are useful, particularly java

RSA (could be done again)

Tcl/Tk (more could be done)

Soar (more could be done)

Papers on how teams and groups work and how to help them (see Ritter for citations)


The writeup

* one standard page (with standard fonts and margins). Please bring two copies of the writeup and the article (stapled together) to class on the days when you are to speak. Keep one for yourself, the other is for me.

* with your name, email, date, and indicate what this is.

* include the following sections:

* You will be asked to present the article to your peers near the start of class. You will have two minutes.


See these examples for guidance, as well as the previous semester's web site, IST230 Autumn 2000.


Grading will be based on:

Clarity of presentation

Quality of summary

Link between article and class topic

Insights and observation

(For a total of 5 points/review)