IST 230 Web problem as part of HWK13

Frank Ritter

12 Nov 2000

(3 subpoints/10 or 15)

(a) What is the most important problem to study for the final?

(b) Why?

(c) What is its answer?


Rubric: One problem per group (this will give us about 40 across two sections). Problem as a web page, with answer as a separate web page, or problem and answer as one page. Problem can be chosen from the book, but students must contribute something beyond the book, a twist, an angle, a generality, an application, a small addition, or something else. May be discussed in class as a review, and for studying for the midterm and final. Selected problems or variants may be included on the exams.

A hardcopy of the web pages must be handed in stapled with Hwk13. The URL must be included on the hardcopy. You should forward the URL to the listserve.