IST 230 Course Resources Web Site

last updated 18 April 01

Ritter's IST230 web site at UP

Yu's IST230 web site at Altoona

Frank Ritter ( and the IST230 Development committee:

Mike Bartolacci

Rhonda Boonie, secretary (

Galen Grimes (

Joe Lambert (

Tom Warms (

Connie Yu (

IST230-Teachers mailing list (set up 5/00)

Minutes of meeting 18 feb 00

Minutes of meeting 31 mar 00

Minutes of meeting 18 April 00

Revised syllabus

Review of possible book - Washburn (The recommended text)

Review of possible book Dymacek

Example, draft supplements

An applications of digital things book/website

Shannon's measure of Information, H (Ritter)

Public key encryption (Grimes)

Exponential growth (Grimes)

Caesar cypher

Markov processes (Ritter)

Telecom example (further comments by Mike)

As a homework and as an Example solution as a XL4 spreadsheet (Ritter)