Minutes of IST 230 meeting

18 apr 2000

The meeting came to order at 1223 pm at UP. Joe Lambert, Tom Warms, Connie Yu, and Frank Ritter attending. Galen Grimes was tried to be reached by phone but this failed.


Review of topics

Done: A few new topics/subtopics/examples have been added. Frank set this up on the web as a revised syllabus under ritter.ist.psu.edu/ist230

ToDo: need a few more topics set up. FR query committee,
ToDo: Connie to do matrices
Frank to ask Gerry to do: ist230-teachers

Review of books

Washburn was chosen. Teachers to get their own.


todo: frank to ask Kate to announce the choice of suggested book
todo: frank to get instructor's manual as example, plus example books for day of.

Web Additions

Todo: Caesar's cipher and Markov processes.
TODO: Tom: Epp has some examples for module 5, put these up.


might as well assume that software in 110 is still available. Can't assume more.
Could include optional material.

Next meeting, starting online

todo: ideas for group projects, mock up a web page? FER to ask again.

group homework sets? some advanced topics for group projects? But individual tests. A telcom example, a spanning tree.

The committee imagines a range of some, perhaps two tests and a final, so 2 to 4 projects.
And homework?
todo: group to prepare an example apiece. inlcuding 230 teachers

todo: Mike to provide details of a telcom example.

todo: Joe, teachers of ist230 could be included at some early point, just to listen.
E.g. a network simulator to test min. spanning trees, with cost of trees and redundancy noted or computable by hand.
Done: frank to assign XL spreedsheet idea or do it.
todo: tidy up.
Local people may wish to consider local resources such as unix and grep.

todo: Frank to ask Georgia to ask for copyright use of graph paper.

New Agenda items
done: Frank to get email and text with Kate to get note prepared and sent to Joe for co-requisistes and prerequisists.
done: Lambert prerequistites. consultation is next step. (Math22 and 26) Math 40 or Math, to arrange and to do.
todo: to look at Lambert's documents for assignment, pace, and seuqence of documents.
Next meeting IST May meeting.