Minutes of IST 230 meeting

31 Mar 2000

The meeting came to order at 219 pm at UP. Joe Lambert, Mike Bartolacci, Frank Ritter attending. Galen Grimes was there via phone. Connie Yu joined us about 1/2 way through.


Agenda as in the headings below. Please note that we are working towards a May 10 IST Spring meeting where the committee should be able to overview the course, present a revised syllabus, note suggested module topics, and recommend a book. And introduce a web site.

Review of topics

A few new topics/subtopics/examples

Petri nets model social processes, parallel machines, etc.
Semantic networks
Task modelling languages
production rules
matrix as representation of network

todo: Frank to set up.

Review of books

The subcommittee of three looked over the books and came up with the following thoughts. We might wish to revise those thoughts, but they seemed pretty good at the time.

Worth looking at further

Lambert reviewed his comments previously sent in. Dymaccek is not so good, Washburn is still good and looked good.

Mike desribed ist230 as a catch-all, non-calculus math, and liked Washburn.

Connie liked Washburn as well.
We noted that Rosen had some good ideas, e.g. examples of code and psuudo code, but was too hard.

Galen noted that he could live with wasburn

Not worth looking at further

no entries here currently to add.

To be looked at further

Done: look at other books (Bottelochi has 25 books. (!)). Read 'em, but too hardcore. didn't match
done: Ritter to query Addison Wesley. Queired, but no new possibilities delivered.
Done: Ritter to query Prentice-Hall. Queired, but no new possibilities delivered.
Done: previous sponsor to present case for DIMACS modules and COMAP. Their site is http://www.comap.com. Result: Their material is in the end not available and not up to date.
todo: any comers against washburn due by middle of the next meeting.
Todo: Tom Warms, in partiuclar to look at this because he was not at this meeting.

Web Additions

Done: Frank a page on Shannon's H,
Todo: Caesar's cipher and Markov processes.
TODO: Tom: Epp has some examples for module 5, put these up.


requirements for hardware/OS

Done: all PCs. Could apply a Unix server. all have java enabled browsers.

requirements for which modules

Tarski's world. Too much and too much overhead in prepareing for 1 session. If a proponent wanted to prepare something, it would be worth looking at.

Next meeting, starting online

Ideas for group projects, mock up a web page?

group homework sets? some advanced topics for group projects? But individual tests. A telcom example, a spanning tree.

todo: Mike to provide details of a telcom example.

todo: Frank to design spreadsheet to compute
todo: Joe, teachers of ist230 could be included at some early point, just to listen.

E.g. a network simulator to test min. spanning trees, with cost of trees and redundancy noted or computable by hand.

Todo: frank to assign XL spreedsheet idea or do it.

grammar/language demo. could use a UNIX server at UP with a guest account? need a volunteer to prepare a lab/homework to teach module 6 stuff.

todo: Frank to ask Georgia to ask for copyright use of graph paper.

New Agenda items
todo: Frank to get email and text with Kate to get note prepared and sent to Joe for co-requisistes and prerequisists.
todo: Lambert prerequistites. consultation is next step. (Math22 and 26) Math 40 or Math, to arrange and to do.
todo: to look at Lambert's documents for assignment, pace, and seuqence of documents.
Next meeting April 18. 2-5pm.