Shannon's H


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Explain H= - sum Log(x-i)


Explain terms, etc.


1. Given 8 different characters (e.g. a-h), compute how many bits of information there are.


2. Find the distribution of letters in the english language (from the net, from a book, by counting them even in this document). How much information is there in a single letter typically?


3. Assume that there are 9 postal zones in Nottingham England, NG1 to NG9. The mail to these zones is distributed as follows:

1 10%

2 10%

3 20%

4 30%

5 5%

6 5%

7 5%

8 5%

9 5%

(a) How much information is there in a typical postal code in Nottingham?

(b) How might you redesign the codes to make them better in some sense?