Draft plan for interface analysis class project for IST 331

Frank Ritter, Olivier Georgeon

20 aug 2014

This report is worth 5 out of 100 points of the class project's grade.


Each group should turn in a 4-6 page report (but, turn in a longer report if appropriate) noting how they plan to analyse their interfaces. This report is not designed to be additional work to that project, but to be a stepping stone. This report is also designed to be health check to indicate that groups are functioning, that they have a reasonable plan for accomplishing the projects, and if additional resources are needed, they can be found, or the subtasks they require can be abandonded gracefully.

This report should in particular include, with these headers:

1. A draft outline of the final report.
2. A short general overview of the usability improvements you think you will be able to propose.
3. If you plan to include some of the work done during the previous labs, tell what work, why, and what kind of recommendation it will support.
4. Specify two methods of analysis you will use (one will be typically performed during the Task Analysis lab and refined for the project).

In general, tell what methods you will use to support your claims.