dTank Exercise 1

Changkun Zhao and Frank Ritter

10 points

10 oct 2011

Read the dTank Manual / tutorial.

Create a pre-defined dTank model in Herbal and load it in dTank. While running your model, connect the Soar debugger to the dTank to observe the traces.

  1. Print out some sample traces at a less detailed and detailed level. (3pts)
  2. If you observe the Herbal agent carefully, you will find that the tank turns too quickly and cannot explore a larger area.  How will you fix it? (describe your design 3pt). This should be a simple fix, an elaborate fix is ok, but will make coding harder than is necessary.
  3. Apply/implement your design in a Herbal/Soar model. And run it in dTank. How does the tank wander around now? Print out some traces. (4pt).
Attach your Soar model (.soar) and mail it in along with the traces in a word or plain text file.