dTank Exercise 2&3

Frank Ritter and Changkun Zhao

10 points each homework (you will create two changes to the dtank models, one for each homework)

10 oct 11

Read the dTank Manual / tutorial at


There is a long list of possible ways to improve either of the default Soar dTank tanks (either the plain Soar one, or the Herbal one). Part of this list is reproduced below, numbered 1-N.

Pick one of the five things or an equivalent one based on discussion with Ritter or assistant.

(a) Note why you picked it. (1 point)

(b) Note your design. (4 point)

(c) Include the listing of the rules on paper and as an emailed file (3 points)

(d) Include the trace of your improved tank (2 points)


Possible ways to improve a dTank tank

1. A tank that chases another tank on any direction. (the Herbal tank moves r/l to chase)

2. An tank that tries to stay away from other tanks.

3. A tank that systematically searches for other tanks when empty cells surround it.

4. A tank that learns its environment.

5. A tank that takes advantage of the fact that other tanks move.

6. A tank that takes advantage of the fact that stones don't move.

7. A tank that scans its environment like people do, that is, neither too much or too little.

8. a tank that notices that another tank is aimed at it.

9. write a tcl function that computes an angle between tanks (get it from the detault tank), and call it in herbal. (hint: read the Soar manual about calling tcl functions, and modify your soar-dtank_interface-2.0.7.tcl file).

N. Other good idea you come up with that leads to a tank that performs better.