Send Your Anonymous IST 402 Progress Report

(Original by Yu)

If only I know what you are working on now ... If only I know how easy, or how hard the subject is for you ...  If only I know what the difficulty related to the subject is ...

This form is intended to make it easy for you to supply anonymous feedback to me on ist402. Be as specific as you can.  Send it in as often as you like to. Unless you choose to disclose your name, this feedback will arrive to me anonymously.  The last box is open-ended, so you can make any comments you wish.

  1. Subject. What is the subject (section, page number, ...) you are working on now? What do you think of this subject?  Do you feel to learn more about it, or prefer to get it over as soon as possible?

    What was the hardest topic so far, what was the easiest?


  2. Lectures. How helpful do you find the lecture(s) on this subject? How appropriate is the level and speed at which the material is presented for you?  Let me know if more examples (easier examples or harder examples), or more detailed instructions,  are needed.


  3. Resources. How helpful do you find the text on this subject along with its solution manual?  Let me know if you want some supplemental materiels.

    The web site, is it worth your time and my time to create and maintain it and the links? do the student talks help? either the speaker or the listener?

    References on reserve in the library, do you use them? if you have, was it worthwhile?

    Your group, how's it working out?


  4. Exercises. Are the assigned exercies too easy, too hard, too much, too little, or about right? Which problem(s) you found most interesting, most difficult, or most helpful for you?  Let me know if you need more of same type or different types of exercises.


  5. Everything else. All suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism are welcome.

    What should future students do to help themselves?


  6. This form will be transmitted anonymously unless you fill this box. (Of course, if you want a reply, you must fill it out.)

    Name (optional):

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