PST Exercise 2

Frank Ritter

10 points

19 sept 04/revised 27 sept 04


1a. Change the production: "ht*compare*eat*better*drink" to "ht*compare*drink*better*eat", not only by name but by changing the corresponding attributes and values. (and include it in your printout).

1b. What does the model now do when you load it with that new rule?

2. What does Soar use to act on a problem? What are the levels that a Soar model can be analysed on, and what are their components for the EightPuzzle? (e.g., for the PSCM, give the operators). Hint: Read the slides and read the gentle introduction paper.

3. Explain the simularities and differences between a no change state impasse and the waiting operator. Hint: you can find the wait operator in the default rules, and it was part of the first exercise in class.