Tutorial Programme

The Twenty First Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society will take place on August 19-21, 1999 at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C. The day before the conference (18 August), there will be a tutorial programme. The programme this year includes four tutorials on cognitive architectures, including Soar, ACT-R, Cogent, and PDP++. These tutorials are generally designed to introduce potential users to the architecture. They do not teach the architectures completely, but provide enough background to understand their models better and usually provide enough information for modellers to judge if the architecture is right for their problem.

The price per tutorial is CDN$ 35 per half day, about US$ 25. Details are available on the conference registration form.

Listed below are the tutorials that will be offered on 18 August 1999.

John R. Anderson & Christian Lebiere - Introduction to the ACT-R cognitive architecture - 1 day
More information

Richard M. Young & Frank E. Ritter - Psychological Soar Tutorial - 1 day
More information

Richard Cooper & Peter Yule - An introduction to the COGENT Cognitive Modelling Environment - 1/2 day (pm)

O'Reilly - Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Modeling using PDP++ - 1/2 day (am)
The PDP++ software and information on the tutorial

Suggested Schedule:

    900-1245   First session 3.25 hours
   1100-1130   coffee break
   1245-1400   Lunch
   1400-1745   Second session 3.25 hours
   1515-1545   tea break


    Frank Ritter (Nottingham) and Richard Young (Hertfordshire) (co-chairs),
    Randy Jones (Colby/U. Mich)
    John Anderson and Christian Lebiere (CMU)
    Todd Johnson (UT/Houston)
    Vasant Honavar (Iowa State)
    Kevin Korb (Monash, Aus)
    Michail Lagoudakis (Duke)
    Christine Manning (Minnesota/Hamburg)
    Brian Fisher (Simon Fraser)

The Office of Navy Research has helped support this tutorial series.