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Nottingham, England, April 1-4, 1998


The 2nd European Conference on Cognitive Modelling (ECCM-98) will be held in Nottingham from April 1st to 4th 1998 (including a day of optional tutorials). The conference will cover all areas of cognitive modelling, including symbolic and connectionist models, evolutionary computation, artificial neural networks, grammatical inference, reinforcement learning, and data sets designed to test models. Papers that present a running model and its comparison with data are particularly encouraged. This meeting is open for work on cognitive modelling using general architectures (such as Soar and ACT) as well as other kinds of simulation models. These meetings were introduced to establish interdisciplinary co-operation in the domain of cognitive modeling. The first meeting held in Berlin in November 1996 attracted about 60 researchers from Europe and USA working in the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, computer linguistics and philosophy of mind.


The program will include presentations of papers, demo sessions, invited talks, discussion groups and tutorials on cognitive modeling in the fields of AI programming, classification, problem solving, reasoning, inference, learning, language processing and human-computer-interaction. As Nottingham is an area of 'high touristic value', it will also include a social evening out.

Program chairs

Richard Young (U. of Hertfordshire) and Frank Ritter (U. of Nottingham)


Submission deadline: 7 January 1998
Decision by: 6 February 1998
Early registration: 9 March 1998
Conference: 1-4 April 1998

A call for papers will be issued soon.

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