Notes on Registration and Housing for ECCM'98

Frank Ritter, 29 December 1997

Registration for the 2nd European Conference on Cognitive Modelling includes admission to all conference activities, including the speaking sessions, the evening out, the poster session, and a copy of the proceedings.

Note that the rates go up if you do not register early. It helps our planning if you register early.

The registration includes the price of meals (lunch, dinner) from Thursday 2 April dinner to Saturday lunch. We wanted to create a more retreat-like atmosphere, and other food activities are not nearby. I can also note that the sample meal I had in Willoughby Hall was surprisingly good, and I look forward to a similar standard in Nightingale.

The price of registration includes a night out in a local pub's function room. The meal is likely to consist of traditional British pub grub, and will include a pint a beer. There will be traditional pub games available (including at least dominoes, darts, pool, shove'hapny, and skittles).

We encourage you to use the on-campus housing for the same reasons. If you don't want to stay in a hall of residence, other accommodation can be arranged. Keep in mind that it will be at least a 3 pound taxi ride to Nightingale Hall, where the sessions will be held.

The rooms in Willoughby are en-suite, meaning that there is a bathroom (with toilet and sink) attached to your room. The rooms in Nightingale share a communal shower/toilet/bath room on each (single-sex) wing. There is likely to be only 4-6 people per wing.

We look forward to seeing you here!