Preliminary notes on registration

Frank Ritter, 31 Dec 1997

I expect to have the registration form up by 20 January 1998. We are currently seeking support, which could have significant impact on the registration fee. If you would like to be notified when the form is available, just send me an email ( asking to be reminded.

At most, the registration fee will 120 pounds (about 180 US dollars) meals and evening out included (Thursday dinner to Saturday lunch), and local accommodation will be between about 40 (2 nights with shared bathroom) and 80 pounds (2 nights with en-suite bathroom), breakfast included. There will be a selection of hotels, but we don't recommend them as we are trying to provide a residential conference.

There may be support for some graduate students, email me if you are interested, particularly if you already have an EPSRC studentship.

Housing will also be available before the conference (Wednesday night) for those attending a tutorial, and after the conference (Saturday night) for those who wish to stay over a Saturday night to get a reduced air fare.