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Social Night Out

Some traditional English dishes are Toad in the Hole, Bubble and Squeak, Cock-a-Leekie Soup, Spotted Dick, Bug-in-a-Bucket, Willie One-Polyp, Tonsil-and-Toast, Whack-a-Doodle Johnson, and Fester Pudding. Attractive displays of these dishes-- some of them dating back to the sixteenth century -- can be found in bars called "pubs", where the English traditionally gather to drink, glance at the food, and continue to drink. --- Dave Barry


For our evening out on Friday 3 April we will be visiting a traditional pub in the city centre serving good food and particularly good ale.


We will depart by traditional double-decker bus from the halls of residence at 7:05 pm to arrive at the pub around 7:25 pm (time subject to revision). The bus will return at 11, but we will help arrange cabs back for those who want them. Cabs are available by going to one of the numerous taxi ranks in the city centre, or by calling Cable Cars at 9-229-229.

We will have a hot and cold buffet meal of traditional pub food (including vegetarian fare), and on the bus you will be issued with a voucher for a drink from the bar. We recommend the Everard's Tiger, but you can have what you wish.

There will be a shove ha'penny tournament (single elimination with modified rules) starting as soon as possible (with prizes), a traditional pub quiz starting at 9 pm for 4-person teams (with prizes), and various other traditional pub games available during the evening.

The bus will return to campus around 11 pm.

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