Last updated 25-Mar-98

Shove Ha'penny rules for ECCM98

These are special, amended rules for the ECCM Shove Ha'penny tournament

Like normal Shove Ha'Penny, the goal is to shove ha'pennies cleanly into the beds (areas separated by lines). The penny cannot overlap or touch the line. If it does not touch a line, it counts. You can shove the penny however you like. I like to flick it with my index finger, but some, I've read, use their palm. You can also tap it or shove it with your thumb. If it is short and does not yet touch the first line, you can bring it back and hit it again (this is not normally allowed).

Each person tries to get 3 pennies per bed. If you end up with a penny in a bed you have filled, but your opponent has not, they get to count it.

There are no doubt local variations about pennies that flip or touch or bounce off the backboard or overhang an edge. Mostly likely, such pennies do not count. To speed things up, if the penny at the end of a penny set ends up lying on a bed without touching a line, it counts.

Normally, each player shoves one set of three or five pennies. With our boards, each player gets a set of five. This means the board gets turned around less often.

The only real rule change here, is that the games are limited by turns. Games will consist of 5 turns per player. Highest score wins. If you are tied, sudden death (by set of 5).

Other questions and requests for rulings must be brought to the attention of the judge, whose rulings are final. Please report your scores to the judge as well.

If a board is free, you may play recreationally.

Pennies must be borrowed from the judge, leaving your name as a deposit. You and only you are responsible for returning the pennies.

You get (and should take) 2 practice sets of 5 warmup shots at the beginning of the first game only.