Hungry-Thirsty Soar Tutorial Version 11

If you are viewing this tutorial from a remote site then you will need to download the Soar code for the exercises. This can be done by viewing the relevant code (which can be accessed from Program listings), and then saving it as a file. This is done in Netscape, for example, by selecting the "File" option, and then choosing "Save As...". You can then save the code you are viewing into your own directory.

Information on how to startup Soar is in Starting up Soar help and referenced later in the tutorial.


The first half of the Psychological Soar Tutorial using the hungry-thirsty model, incorporating pointers to the exercises.


Hungry-thirsty tutorial exercises. If you want to go there directly.


Traces from the hungry-thirsty tutorial exercises.

Program listings

Hungry-thirsty tutorial source code.

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