Psychological Soar Tutorial FTPing Page

Frank E. Ritter

Link to the latest Psychological Soar Tutorial (v. 12) for Soar 7.0.4 and 7.0.5

Link to the latest exercises for Soar 8, PST 14, prepared with Tony Kalus for ICCM 03

Note that the example code distributed with the PST are based on specific versions of Soar. So be sure to pull the right version of Soar, or email me if you have problems.

FTP the PST (v. 12), for Soar 7.0.5 (Mac version), and FTP MacSoar 7.0.5 to go with it).

FTP the PST (v. 11), for Soar 7.0.4 (Mac version), and FTP MacSoar 7.0.4 to go with it).

FTP the PST (v. 11), tar, gzip version for Unix, for Soar 7.0.4 .

FTP the PST (v. 9), for Soar 7.0.0c (Mac version), and FTP MacSoar 7.0.0c to go with it).

U. of Nottingham Soar home page

Including pointers and mirrors of program distributions.

This work was done with Richard Young and Gary Jones.