HT Tutorial Exercise 7 - Watch a chunk


Watching how chunks get created
Continue working with a Soar with the rules from file ht-imp.s8 or ht-imps9.soar loaded (or start a fresh Soar and load the file). Now, turn learn --on, and select to watch --learning 1 the chunk creation trace. (Note that learning is normally turned off when Soar starts up, so we have to turn it on.)

Now run the model through the impasse, and compare your trace with Trace 6.

Then init-soar and run through the impasse again, and compare your trace with Trace 7.

You can remove all learnt chunks in order to watch chunks get learned anew by using the excise command (use excise --chunks).


Follow up questions
  1.  Does the built chunk look at all familiar?


  2. The chunk in fact encodes a semantics slightly different to that of the original ht*compare*eat*better*drink. Why is that? What exactly do the chunk and original rule say, respectively, when "translated into English"? Which is more correct? What changes might one make to bring them more into line?


  3. What happens when you change how the selection process works (using the indifferent-selection command)?


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