HT Tutorial Exercise 9 - O/I-support


For how long do rules apply: O-support and I-support
For this exercise, we revert to using the rules from file "ht-imps9.soar". Either start a fresh Soar, or else remove all the rules from the running Soar by doing excise --all. Then source file
"ht-imps9.soar" and set the watch level to 0. Now initialise Soar (using init-soar) and use pwatch to see ht*propose-op*eat and ht*apply-op*eat fire.

Now type run 3 to go to where the action starts and then look around. There are objects that have o-support and objects that have i-support.

preferences s1 operator

will show you objects with i-support.

preferences s1 hungry

will show you values with o-support.

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