HT tutorial trace 5: Running through an impasse

source {/Users/ritter/ritter/ritter-ist/papers/pst15/homeworks/exercises/ht-imps9.soar}
     0: ==>S: S1
     0: ==>S: S1
Agent reinitialized. init-soar done
1 production excised.***
1 production excised.*******
1 production excised.*
1 production excised.***end of ht-imps9.soar

Total: 15 productions sourced. 15 productions excised.
** Top-state has ^thirsty yes
** Top-state has ^hungry yes
     1: ==>S: S3 (operator tie)
Here we are in a sub-goal
Building justification-6
     2: O: O2 (eat)
          chomp chomp... 
** Top-state has ^hungry no
Method 1 - Finished with hungry no
Interrupt received.
This Agent halted.

An agent halted during the run.

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