HT tutorial trace 8: An Operator No-Change impasse

Agent reinitialized.
** Top-state has ^thirsty yes
** Top-state has ^hungry yes
1: ==>S: S3 (operator tie)
Here we are in a sub-goal
Building chunk-2*d1*tie*1
2: O: O2 (eat)
3: ==>S: S5 (operator no-change)
4: ==>S: S7 (state no-change)
5: ==>S: S9 (state no-change)
6: ==>S: S11 (state no-change)
7: ==>S: S13 (state no-change)
8: ==>S: S15 (state no-change)
9: ==>S: S17 (state no-change)
10: ==>S: S19 (state no-change)
11: ==>S: S21 (state no-change)
12: ==>S: S23 (state no-change)
13: ==>S: S25 (state no-change)
14: ==>S: S27 (state no-change)

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