Commands Taught in the Psychology Soar Tutorial

Last substantially modified: 10sep11 -FER

Exercise 1 and Running Soar

pwd -- print out the working directory (on menu).
cd <file> -- change the directory.
source <file> -- load a file of productions into Soar (on menu or as alias 's').
d -- run Soar until 1 decision cycle (on menu).
run -f -- run Soar until it halts or you halt it with C-c or menu item.
d N -- run Soar ahead N decision cycles.
Stop button -- interrupt Soar when it is running on the Macintosh (C-c on Unix and on menu).
init-soar -- reset the Soar goal stack (also available as 'is' or 'init' or on button).
run -e N -- run Soar N elaboration cycles

Exercise 2

excise --all -- excise all the productions loaded into Soar (also on menu).
p [obj] -- print out a Soar object (also on mouse).
help [cmd] -- show help text for command CMD.
print --stack -- print out the current goal stack (also on menu and monitor).
alias -- define an alias with an argument, without an argument list aliases.

Exercise 3

help -- show all the help topics.
watch -P -- print out when productions fire.
watch -w -- print out when wmes enter or leave.
watch -p -- print out when the decision phase changes.
watch -fullwmes -- printout preferences for wmes when they change.
pwatch [PROD] -- trace when production PROD fires.

Exercise 4

# -- character to comment out a line.
preferences [ID [ATTRIBUTE]] -- show the preferences for the ATTRIBUTE slot of state ID.

Exercise 5 & 6

matches -- show the productions that match and will fire in the next cycle (on the menu).
e N -- run the decision process through N elaboration cycles, or with no argument, 1 cycle.
matches PROD -- show how PROD matches (or doesn't match) current working memory.

Exercise 7

learn <--on --bottom-up> -- sets or reports learning with optional args (menu).
watch --learning 1 -- print out when chunks are learned.
excise --chunks -- excise any learned productions.
indifferent-selection -- set how tied objects are chosen.

Exercise 8

watch 3 -- set watch to trace most things.
excise < prod1 prod2 ... > -- remove (unload) the productions from Soar.

When in doubt about syntax, consult the Soar help function, and then, read the code.

Copyright 2011. F. E. Ritter & R. M. Young.