PST: Using the Soar tutorial

Each chunk of tutorial text is provided as a single large file. This allows you to scroll through the material, and jump out for help and basically come back to a main line. It also supports stopping and picking up where you last were -- it incorporates internal pointers to move directly to the last page you read rather than having to page down several times. These internal pointers should only really be used for this purpose, or after you have completed the tutorial and wish to revise a topic. Otherwise, you should move down through the pages in the order that they appear.

At the end of each section, there is a pointer to a glossary. You can click on this to jump to the glossary for help, and clicking on the 'Back' icon will return you to the point at which you left.

The tutorial is intended to be used in conjunction with an up and running Soar. That is, have the Soar window and the hypertext editor window together so that switching between the two (when doing exercises, for example) is easy. This is explained in a help screen referenced by the first practical exercise.

Information in the tutorial should be looked at in the order that it appears, otherwise you risk the possibility of viewing in-depth topics before you have the necessary knowledge to understand them.

Two Soar models are provided, a hungry-thirsty model that just eats, which is used in the first part of the tutorial, and an analogy model that is more advanced. Exercises to be performed on these models are given in the relevant tutorial texts.

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