dTank 2.0 Agents



  • basic_tank - This is a very stupid AI, simply wandering around and shooting other agents on sight. You will find that it does not keep up with the world very well, as it uses none of dTank's 'real-time' features. Despite it's stupidity, it does have some general memory features that help it maintain world knowledge and generally provides an example of how to make a Soar agent for dTank. It is also a bit larger than the agents you will find in the Soar tutorial, weighing in at 62 productions. Fixing up this tank would provide a useful starting point to making more interesting agents. In addition, basic-tank comes with a few tcl procs that might be handy for writing your own agents.
  • comm_demo - Not meant to be a functional agent, this archive contains two tiny Soar agents that demonstrate how to use dTank's cool SoarChat functionality. Ever wanted to teleport entire wme structures from one Soar agent to another? Then this demo is for you. comm_demo only demonstrates team communication - broadcast and unicast modes also available. SoarChat is partly an aspect of the dTank Soar API, but uses dTank's general communication mechanism as infrastructure. SoarChat is also a stand-alone application that is available upon request from Isaac.


  • SimpleTank - Creates a very simple tank that will attempt to move to the same x-location of an enemy tank, and then fire away. If the tank does not see an enemy it will randomly change its location, and its turret angle until it sees an enemy, and then it will go after it. Finally, if the tank is near death, and it cannot see a tank, it will sit still and turn on its shields.


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