dTank 4.1 version

With revisions to Lewis' November 2006 dTank included by Cohen and Bhandarkar.


Download dTank version 4.1 (updated 3apr07)
Batch file to run Jess models
Example log file
Example results log file dTankResults.log example tank.soar file for testing

Be careful, when downloding this file. On Windows, IE7 will save the file with a .zip extension. If this happens, rename it to a .jar.

Installation Instructions

1. To install dTank, copy the downloaded dTank jar file into a folder named dTank.

2. dTank requires Java (version 1.5.x).

3. If you want to run Soar models you must have Soar (version 8.6.1, from sitemaker.umich.edu/soar/soar_software_downloads). This folder must also contain the Soar/Java runtime bridge.

3a. The Soar/Java runtime bridge consists of several library files. These files are different depending on your platform. For Windows based machines you will need to copy the following files from the Soar 8.6.1 (PC) installation folder into your dTank folder:

3b. For Mac OS you will need to copy these files from the Soar 8.6.1 (macintosh) installation folder into your dTank folder:

4. To run dTank, just double-click on the dTank jarfile!

5. To run dTank with Jess installed, you can double click the run_dTank.BAT, or use the command line as noted in the manual.

For information about writing dTank models in Herbal, please visit the Herbal website.

dTank Manual

Download the dTank manual (drafted, but still under construction)

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