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A High-Level Modeling Language for Intelligent Agents and Cognitive Models

Download Herbal 3.0.5 (Soar)

Download Herbal 3.0.6 (ACT-R pane)

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 Note: if you are upgrading your version of Herbal, or need to download a previous version, visit the release notes page .

Herbal requires Eclipse (version 3.1.2 or version 3.2). To install Herbal, copy the downloaded jar file into the Eclipse plug-in folder.

Be careful when downloading 3.0.5 file. On Windows, IE7 will save the file with a .zip extension. If this happens, change the extension back to ".jar".

For help getting started please consult the Herbal Tutorial.

The dismal models, reported in Paik et al. (2009; in press), Zhao et al. (2010) using data from Kim (2008). These models use Herbal 3.0.6.

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