Welcome To Herbal

A High-Level Modeling Language for Intelligent Agents and Cognitive Models


If you are upgrading from a previous version of Herbal and you want your existing models to be able to use the new version you must follow these steps after installation:

  1. Create a new Herbal project using the latest version of Herbal.
  2. Open the schema folder of your new herbal project (located in the navigator pane).
  3. Select all of the files in this folder, right-click, and choose copy.
  4. Right click on the schema folder for the herbal project that you would like to update, and choose paste.

This will update the schema files in the older project so that they will work with the new version of Herbal.

Release notes for version 3.0.5

  • Herbal now includes the ACT-R Declarative Memory Pane

Release notes for version 2.0.11 (see the Herbal Tutorial for details)

  • Herbal now supports conditions that test for the absence of a fact in working memory. On the Conditions Tab of the GUI editor there is a button labeled "Exists". When you select a Condition Clause you can use this button to toggle the existence or absence of the fact matched by the selected clause. This feature works for both Soar and Jess agents.

Release notes for version 2.0.10 (see the Herbal Tutorial for details)

  • Preferences can now be added to operators to control the order they are applied
  • Elaborations are now supported (Soar models only)
  • A Debug View was added that allows debugging of a Soar agent from within Herbal
  • Various bug fixes

Previous versions of Herbal: