Physiological-Cognitive Models

Models of Human-Human and Human-Computer Interaction

  • Maintenance Training Under Uncertainty: Expanding A Smart Tutoring System to Support Acquisition and Retention of Skills (ONR – Ritter)
  • Updating the Militarized Dispute Data Through Crowdsourcing: MID5, 2011-2017 (NSF – Reitter)
  • Social Cognition (Ritter, Reitter)
  • Managing Impatience through user interfaces (Reitter)

Artificial Intelligence

  • Lifelong Learning using deep architectures: Semi-supervised online learning; Boltzmann Machines; recurrent architectures (Reitter)

Decision-Making, Cognitive Security

  • Cyber Security and Games of Timing (Reitter)

Language Processing

  • Alignment in Dialogue (Reitter)
  • Information exchange in dialogue (Reitter)
  • Big-Data Computational Models of Language (Reitter)
  • Modeling syntactic priming in language production according to corpus data (NSF – Reitter)
  • Alignment in web-forum discourse: computational models of adaptation and language change (NSF – Reitter)

Computational Cognitive Models and Architectures