Presenting your project

Frank Ritter

18 nov 2015

(a) Some one person in your group will give on a 2-minute presentation of what your group has done. Time will be strictly enforced, so practice this. The primary purposes are to report what you have done so far, and to get feedback and suggestions on what you could do, and to find out what you need to explain in time to improve your report. The purpose is for feedback, so no grades will be given.

In this short presentation, you should note (i) what site you are examining, and you have done, (ii) what you have found so far (any useful nugget for the class), and (iii) any lessons for other groups (things to avoid, mistakes made that others might make, or a useful technique).

You may email me a single page pdf by 5pm the day before, with your group number in the subject line ("ist331 group 2 talk"). One person should speak.