Task analysis lab

Frank Ritter

24 oct 2016

Do each of these steps:

  1. Choose two tasks related to your web or project interface analysis.
  2. Analyse the two tasks using the keystroke level model either in Excel or https://scenomi.com/
  3. Put these tasks in the context of a GOMS analysis (These tasks correspond to Methods in GOMS) or a Cognitive Task Analysis (in Scenomi) (or both).
  4. Have at least 3 users not from your group do these tasks. With fewer users, they may do the task several times, with more users, they might do less tasks.
  5. Compare the predicted times from the models with each other (if you use the KLM and GOMS, if your two models don't both make time predictions, then you can't do this subtask) and
  6. Compare the predicted time(s) with the times from the users.

In a six to eight page writeup,

  1. Introduce your report
  2. Describe your task and the the task analysis of your task, showing how you got your predictions
  3. Describe how you got your data, and report the data you got. (Subjects, materials, design & procedure)
  4. Compare your predictions and your measured times.
  5. Describe what the results mean for the task analysis and for your project. If you use Scenomi, you should also comment on its strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Include any other insights you can make.
  7. Write an abstract that reports your main findings, and stick this on the front
  8. Include at least two references.

This should lead directly into your group report, and, with revisions, can be included.