RUI Lab for IST 521, 20 points

23sep19, Frank Ritter


1. download the rui software [RUI home page]. There are some updates, I hope they are visible, from office hours today (23 sept) to make it easier to use. We got it running on the PC and on MacOS 10.14.

2. Read a paper or two about RUI from RUI's page. These may give you ideas about how to use key loggers.

3. Use the keystroke logs in some 'interesting' way. You get to define interesting. This should not take all weekend. You can if you wish, but the course does not request it. 10 min. of logs is a lot of logs to start with. we have a project with 1000 hours, but that took a year.

3a. use RUI to record behavior of interest and analyse the behavior,

3b. check RUI's accuracy using stats or other recorder/recording to compare

4. Write up what you have done, including (a) a short intro, (b) your method (Subjects, Materials, Design, Procedure), (c) results, (d) discussion and conclusions. Follow APA style. You can and should include references. This report will be 3-10 pages I suspect.

Turn in a PDF of your report to Canvas. I assume that this is a group project.