Verbal Protocol Analysis Lab for IST 521

24sep18/19oct20, Frank Ritter


1. Find/create a task similar or related to your project (if you can).

2. Read the Ericsson and Simon paper and the appendix.

3. create a short study protocol where you can run a participant on the task for at least 4 minutes and generate a talk-aloud protocol (preferred) or a think aloud (less preferred).

4. Run a subject for 4 or more minutes doing the task.

5. Transcribe the recording. Automatically is more than ok, but check their work.

6. Do an analysis on that recording.

7. Write up a 3-10 pages report. Include as appendixes the study script and the transcription. Include a method section, noting materials, subjects, design & procedure, and analysis (the transcription process). Also include an introduction and a discussion and conclusions. and, of course, a Results section and at least two correctly formmatted references.

Turn in one printed copy of the report.