Marking Scheme based on dept. marking scheme 29/XII/97/ updated /24/IX/01

Essays are graded from A to F with + and - added as necessary.

If you have questions about your mark, please feel free to arrange to see me.

The descriptions below list the criteria on which this grade was based.

(1,2,3: student learned; 3/4: teacher learned; MS: dept. learned, PhD: world learned)


A Answers question beyond what was expected

expressed ideas unknown to the grader

Had depth of insight into theoretical issues

Integrated a range of material

Writing was exceptionally clear and easy to read

Very well structured piece of work

Citing work appropriately and referencing on a professional level


B Addresses the question clearly and competently

Has some insight and understanding

Cites most appropriate evidence, evidence of general reading

Writing was clear or nearly so

Well-organised answer

Citing clearly if not completely


C Addresses the question only adequately

Has concepts basically correct

Poor selectivity of evidence (includes lack of evidence)

Writing was typical for year

Modestly well organised

Only some citations are correct


D Doesn't come to grips with the question

Misunderstands basic concepts

Cites little or no evidence

Writing was hard to read

Essay was poorly structured

Citations done poorly or not at all

E Bare pass

F Some points, but not a pass, no real merit

F Fail, a bad fail

F Name and an odd line or two turned in

0 Nothing turned in