International Applicants to the BSc (Hons) in Psychology, or Joint Degrees.

Here in the School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham we welcome applications from international students who meet our entry requirements and we have a lively number of international students in the School and in the University.


Transfer Students

We are currently willing to consider having students transfer into the first year and under certain circumstances into the second year. In order to do this, we require full original transcripts (and translations if appropriate). If you are on campus or at a university in the UK, you should contact Adèle Brown to make an appointment with our International Admissions Tutor, Dr Shaaron Ainsworth.

If you are currently enrolled at a university or college outside of the UK, you must apply through the University and College Admission Scheme (UCAS), but again, contact Adele Brown for details.

We expect students to have completed their last year successfully (at whatever level) and be eligible to continue their previous course of studies, whatever the programme.


Junior Year Abroad

We are happy to welcome Junior Year Abroad students, currently coming from Japan, the US and Canada.

Fulfilling home institution requirements is important. We can provide specific details on what courses are available to JYA students upon request, but a general overview is also available. Fairly clear indications of equivalencies can be provided to assist in transfer credit. In order to assist this process, when you come, you should bring a copy of your transcript (photocopies are acceptable), and a course catalogue from your home institution.

Except in exceptional circumstances, the latest date for a full-semester JYA student to drop a class is the end of the first term of the semester (i.e. the last day of term before Christmas or Easter). This must not take students below a full-time load, and must be with the permission of their home institution and the University of Nottingham International Office.

A description of the undergraduate modules (classes) we offer are available on the School of Psychology web pages or through the University's Module Catalogue web page. A hardcopy can be requested from the Science Faculty Office.


More Information

If you would like more information on the university with respect to international students or on general matters relating to international students, please contact the International Office, or the British Council.

For more information on psychology and how to apply, please contact:

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