Intro to: The USC/ISI Soar Archive mirror

[This is a mirror of the USC/ISI material.]

The Soar Archive contains a publication bibliography, document abstracts, official software releases, software manuals, support tools, and information about members of the research community. Please note that these databases are not complete or up-to-date but still contain much useful information for the Soar community.

All the documents in this mirror are password protected. Some of them have copyright restrictions. It has been too difficult to protect only some of them.

You can still access the original server at USC/ISI to get those without password protection, or you can request the password by emailing

You may be able to receive a hardcopy or electronic copy by sending a request to or to the physical address listed on the ISI Soar homepage. You may also submit your request via the Web. The information on Soar researchers is also password protected for privacy reasons.

Go to the password protected area (requires password)

If you wish to submit a paper to the Soar Archive electronically, please send a message (or two) to The message(s) should contain the paper's title, authors, an abstract, and a bibliographic entry (preferrably in Scribe or Bibtex format -- see other entries in this archive for examples). In addition, we also accept postscript versions of papers. Please include any copyright restrictions that apply to the paper so we can restrict access to it accordingly.

If you wish to update the contents of either the software or people archives, please send email to or let us know via the Web.

We welcome your comments on this archive! (points to USC/ISI)

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