People and Computers in the Workplace

C8 C XCE Autumn 1998

Room 210, Psychology
9-11 Wednesdays

Dr. Frank E. Ritter

Announcements last updated 21/10/98


441 Psychology, 3-5 Friday

Seminar schedules

Each week: 30-45 min. introduction and presentation + web handout at beginning on key topics.
Short presentations from each group on the exercises handed out the previous week, including a 10 min break around 10 am. Closing comments and review by discussant.

At the end of this module you should understand several of the current topics and some organising theories relating people to computing in the workplace; develop and explore your own interests in this area; be able to find and survey the literature in this area; be able to discuss these topics in small groups, and present material orally to large groups. This material is designed to be read online. Formal module description.

07/10/98  1R Introduction
14/10/98  2R London Ambulance Service Case Study
21/10/98  3R Situated Action / Distributed Cognition / Activity Theory
28/10/98  4R Task Analysis & GOMS, Cognitive Dimensions
04/11/98  5R I/O devices, physical factors, and technological issues
11/11/98  6R Newsgroups, other technologies, and the Web
18/11/98  7R Web usability
25/11/98  8R Teleworking
02/12/98  9K Advanced Methods for accessing usability of ATC 
            Reading: Wiener & Nagel "Human Factors in Aviation"
09/12/98 10R  Games as a worked example
16/12/98 11R Overflow, topics to be announced
13/1/98  12R Overview / Revision


[note, these pages are under continuous construction, comments appreciated]

On-line HCI Conference Proceedings, etc. (for 1995 to 1997)

On-line Case Studies

This is a web site run by one of the larger HCI consultancies in Britain (Systems Concepts Ltd) and it documents numerous case studies of traditional human factors and HCI involvement by them. There is, of course, a sales flavour to many of them, but generally they are described in enough detail to allow you to form a judgment of them.

[For information on how to cite such electronic sources see Page 130 of "The Psychologist", March 1997, or the guidelines of American Psychological Association.]

HCI On-line Resources (including employment)

Red Rock Eater Archives

Sample Exam Paper