PST: Soar Commands and General Help

General Help

Using hypertext
Using the Soar tutorial
Starting up Soar
Soar: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) (a local copy)
Soar 7 Man pages (local)
Soar Manual 6.1

Soar Command help for the Psychological Soar Tutorial

(shorter list than the full manual) List of commands taught.

Changing directories and loading files.
The excise command
The init-soar command
The learn command
The pwatch command
The indifferent-selection command
The watch command
The matches command
Viewing the match set
Viewing working memory
Printing the goal stack - ps
Getting further help

Soar Syntax

What chunks are
Running Soar
What rules are
What preferences are

Mac Help

On the MAC: Starting up Soar
On the MAC: Word default settings
On the MAC: Adjusting memory size
Editing and using Soar in different windows
Using the Mac to run Emacs on a Unix machine

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